Nicole Scherzinger Impresses Fans By Bathing In Ice Water After Workout

Nicole Scherzinger Impresses Fans By Bathing In Ice Water After Workout
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The singer took to her account to post a pic of herself in a bathing suit, just soaking in an ice bath with total ease! While most people would never want to do anything like that, Nicole Scherzinger looked super comfortable despite the very low temperature water she was submerged in.

At the time, the star was rocking a black swimsuit and laying back in an outdoor bathtub filled with ice cubes that made her followers think it was still the middle of summer outside!

Another snap also showed the celeb with goggles on, suggesting that she might have been submerging completely from time to time as well.

As for the caption, Nicole Scherzinger told her followers that she took part of an underwater weight training session.

‘Thee ultimate ice bath! And awesome underwater weight training with the bada** gorgeous @gabbyreece 💪🏽,’ she wrote.

Nicole’s fans were definitely impressed and they did not tale long before praising her in the comment section.

Here are some of the reactions to the pic: ‘Inspirational.’ / ‘women of mind power.’ / ‘You’re very brave taking ice baths. I’m pretty sure I can handle it myself one day. And underwater weight training sounds interesting.’

Many other fans left heart emojis, to express how much they loved and admired her, while others also used muscle emojis to point out how toned she looked in her black bathing suit.

The former Pussycat Dolls member often posts working out videos and pics on her platforms as she is known for how much she enjoys fitness.

Usually, she likes to share her sessions with her fans in order to inspire and encourage them to follow in her footsteps and live healthy lives as well.


A couple of days ago, Nicole also decided to spice things up by revealing how she works out with her boyfriend Thom Evans.

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