Nicole Richie Worried About Sister Sofia Dating Scott Disick - Here's Why!

Nicole Richie Worried About Sister Sofia Dating Scott Disick - Here's Why!
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Ever since Sofia Richie and Scott Disick started dating more seriously, she and her sister Nicole haven’t been very close. Apparently, the older sister is not so sure this is what Sofia should be doing with her life.

Obviously, the model disagrees and this has led to their sisterly relationship getting strained.

That’s not to say that Nicole and Sofia are in any way feuding but she’s still really wary of how fast things are advancing between her little sister and Scot Disick, especially since the man is no less than 15 years older than her!

This is what a source tells HollywoodLife!

‘Nicole and Sofia’s relationship has definitely become strained as Sofia’s relationship with Scott has grown more serious. Nicole was concerned when Scott and Sofia first started dating, but she didn’t really think they would last or become as serious as they have,’ the insider dished to the news outlet.

They went on to explain that Nicole Richie simply doesn’t want Sofia to miss her younger years because she is in a romantic relationship with a man so many years her senior.

‘Nicole knows how mature Sofia is and that she can handle herself like an adult, but at the same time she’s also her baby sister and sees her as so young with a bright future ahead of her. She should be focused on her career and herself — not on a relationship with a man that already has three kids.’

It sounds like Nicole is worried Sofia might be rushing into something.

The source mentioned that she also thinks the other is way too young to play the role of a stepmom.

At the same time, she does not want to ruin her happiness with Scott since he’s her first real love but is worried about her heart getting broken later on.

Despite their differences, Nicole will always be there for her little sister.


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