Nicole Richie Lands A Makeup Campaign: New Face For Urban Decay's Troublemaker Mascara

Nicole Richie Lands A Makeup Campaign: New Face For Urban Decay's Troublemaker Mascara

Troublemaker is an aptly titled product for what Nicole Richie was known for once upon a time. The reality star, turned socialite, turned businesswoman and mom has an exciting new venture. Ordinarily known for her gorgeous skin and big eyes, it's not a surprise that Richie has now stepped into the beauty realm to head a major makeup company's campaign.

Urban Decay snagged Richie as the face for their brand new mascara Troublemaker. Not only is she the face of the campaign but also the spokesperson for the product as well.

The fashionista let the news loose on her Instagram page where she posted a video wearing the word Troublemaker on her jacket coupled with a tag to the highly popular makeup brand.

Urban Decay is an absolute beast in the makeup industry and has been doing well for years due to their popular eyeshadow palettes and setting spray. With the launch of this new mascara, they are taking wide, dramatic eye looks to a whole new level.

Richie's features will make for a perfect marriage between the product and the intended look.

Not the first time she's been deemed a Troublemaker, the fashion maven had her fair share of issues and controversies earlier in her life. As the other half of the cult hit reality show The Simple Life , she was the risky, bold and loud-mouthed contrast to Paris Hilton's ditsy entitlement. She's had various run ins with the law and also issues with substance abuse.

In the last decade, however, she's really cleaned up her act, started taking care of herself, settled down and had some kids, all while concentrating on her many business ventures.

Richie is the perfect example of a wild youth that doesn't always transfer into adulthood. Never the less, she hasn't lost her edge. In fact, she's just as spunky as she's ever been, just with better, healthier and more lucrative life choices.

The ads haven't been released yet but she'll surely stun with full, lush lashes perfectly accentuating her amber eyes.

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