Nicole Murphy Mourns The Death Of Her Mother Ellen

Nicole Murphy Mourns The Death Of Her Mother Ellen
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According to a report from, Nicole Murphy has been reeling from the death of her mother, Ellen, who passed away yesterday on the 4th of November, Monday. The mother-of-five took to her Instagram earlier this week to tell her fans her mother had died.

In an Instagram post you can see below, Nicole shared some kind words for her mother, stating she had lost "the most beautiful person in the world to me." She added that her mother could finally rest in peace with her father.

Additionally, Murphy shared a series of photographs in which she was with her mother over the years. As it was previously reported, Mitchell lost her dad back on the 24th of October, 2012. This isn't the only bad news Nicole has found herself involved in during the last few months.

According to a report from Your Tango, Lisa Raye and Nicole Murphy have been fighting with each other a few years, and recently, the former accused the latter of being a homewrecker. Perhaps most famous for her appearances in Single Ladies , Lisa Raye has garnered a reputation for herself as the type of woman not to mess with.

While Nicole has been in the limelight for a while, she's mostly known for being the ex-wife of Eddie Murphy, and also an ex-model. Murphy has been in the headlines for less than positive reasons, including for a purported affair with the director, Antoine Fuqua. Antoine is married to Lela Rochon.

In the past, claims The New York Post, Lisa accused Nicole of actually sleeping with her husband, which led to the dissolution of her marriage. However, speaking with The Post, Lisa claimed she didn't cause the breakup of their marriage per se, but it did play a role.

In response, Murphy denied it while she spoke with Wendy Williams on her eponymous television show. During her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show , she denied the allegations outright. As it was noted above, Nicole had five children with Eddie Murphy, who reportedly has ten children now in total.

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