Nicole Kidman Reveals Her Husband Keith Urban Was 'Shocked' To See Her 'Destroyer' Character Transformation

Nicole Kidman Reveals Her Husband Keith Urban Was 'Shocked' To See Her 'Destroyer' Character Transformation
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Nicole Kidman revealed how her husband Keith Urban reacted to her transformation into her newest character in Destroyer. Here’s what she had to say!

During an interview with ET, the actress explained that ‘I think he was shocked. Audiences as well, which is actually fantastic. I mean, obviously, that is something that we were hoping we'd create, a different person, and that is what I am always looking to do, is to become a different person.’

The 51 year old actress plays a Los Angeles cop whose appearance is very unhealthy and worn, very different from the Hollywood star's usual flawless and glamorous image.

The character wants to hunt down the members of a gang that she’d crossed paths with in the past, causing tragedy.

The actress has been praised for her bold performance.

About the elaborate look for this project, Nicole Kidman also chatted with ET back in December.

‘When it becomes in your home and you're just kind of there, it's very gritty. What happens is that it becomes authentic, so then it just becomes, like, ‘Oh, this is really real to me. I am in this skin. I am in this person. I am not standing on the outside trying to make this happen.’’

As for how she relaxed after the project came to an end, Kidman revealed that it was by taking long baths and also going on a vacation.

The dedicated actress also shared that her husband understands her craft and she is very lucky because of that.

‘He’s a musician. He’s very artistic. He understands what it's being married to an actor. We’ve been married for 12 years now, so we’ve been through a lot together,’ she went on to explain.


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