Nicole Kidman Gets Candid About Moving To America For Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman Gets Candid About Moving To America For Tom Cruise

It sounds like the actress’ marriage to Tom Cruise has shaped her life and career a lot. Nicole Kidman is on the cover of Variety and was honored by the publication with the Show Woman of the Year title. That being said, during the interview she gave the magazine, the star got candid about starting her Hollywood career even though she was raised in Australia.

While Kidman took some acting classes in high school and in her late teenage years, she got a few roles on TV, she eventually moved to L.A. after meeting Tom Cruise in 1990 while working together on Days of Thunder.

She explained that the reason why she moved was that she fell in love with the fellow actor, and then they tied the knot.

Kidman shared that ‘I always make choices for love, and everything kind of had to fall in place around that.’

The celeb reflected on how the public reacted to their relationship due to the fact that he was a big star while she was still at the beginning of her career.

Apparently, there was not that much interest in their romance from the press and fans, most likely because social media and paparazzi were yet to be a thing at the time.

Kidman and Cruise had in common their passion for extreme activities like sky-diving and other stunts.

The woman’s close pal Hugh Jackman dished with the outlet that the formerly married pair would go sky-diving quite often.

‘Did you know she can jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet? I think one day she did it like 6 times. She and Tom used to do it. She loved it,’ the actor said.

Tom and Nicole put an end to their relationship after more than ten years of being married in 2001.

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