Nicole Kidman Dishes On What It's Like To Be An Actress As An Older Woman In Hollywood

Nicole Kidman Dishes On What It's Like To Be An Actress As An Older Woman In Hollywood

According to Nicole Kidman, women like Meryl Streep and Judi Dench have made it significantly easier for older women to find work in the entertainment business, especially in Hollywood, where youth and good looks are significantly important for actresses. While looking aesthetic is crucial for men as well, it's arguably more important for women.

Nicole, like Streep and Dench, is very successful, winning several awards for her work and is now enjoying even more success with her latest series, Big Little Lies,  where she plays an abused woman.

With that said, Kidman said in an interview that she believes other women are, in some way, responsible for much of her career. Nicole said that both Streep and Dench have paved the way for other female stars to make it on screen.

Meryl, who is almost 70-years-old, is an in-demand actress and will appear in the second season of Big Little Lies as the mother of Kidman's dead and abusive husband.

While on stage for BAFTA's Q and A session, the actress spoke on the way in which Hollywood producers push older women to the side once they're no longer as young as they once were.

At one point in time in her career, Kidman explained, it wasn't always easy to find roles as an actress. However, the hard work of women like Streep and Dench has allowed her own to flourish.

Furthermore, Kidman criticized the lack of women helming movies as directors across the entire industry, saying that it was "not good." Nicole said currently, only 11% of directors are women.

However, the actress admitted she's no longer paying lip service to these ideals. She's actually trying to put it into practice, including starring in a female-led production every 18 months.

The ex-wife of Tom Cruise said that "at this stage in my career," it's what she's trying to do. As fans of Kidman know, she won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2003's The Hours . She was nominated for the same award again in 2002, 2011, and in 2017, for Moulin Rouge, Rabbit Hole , and Lion , respectively.

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