Nicole Eggert Denies Her Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Scott Baio Were Politically Motivated

Nicole Eggert Denies Her Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Scott Baio Were Politically Motivated
Credit: Source: Nicole Eggert/Facebook

There has been a lot of activity between Scott Baio and Nicole Eggert regarding the allegations she and Alexander "Alex" Polinsky made against the Charles in Charge actor in 2018. Scott has been revealing his evidence that he says clears his name and shows that Alex and Nicole lied about their allegations that he sexually abused Nicole when she was a minor and exposed himself to Alex Polinsky on the set of Charles in Charge. His digital strategist, Brian Glicklich has written two articles where he lays out Scott Baio's defense. Through it all, Nicole Eggert and Alexander Polinsky have been quiet. Now, Nicole Eggert has released a statement on Twitter where she denied that her allegations against Scott Baio were politically motivated.

Nicole Eggert stated the following.

"This subject is something I continue to move past contrary to what #scottbaio tries to convince people of but 1 thing that really bothers me is that anyone would ever think my speaking out has anything to do with politics. I spoke out way b4. Here is an example."

You may see the tweet and the screenshots that Nicole shared below.

Nicole's statement and the screenshots are to show that she spoke out about the abuse before President Donald Trump was elected but Scott Baio has pointed out that it was known he was a Republican since his support of Mitt Romney.

Brian Glicklich released a statement in response to Nicole Eggert's remarks.

"Nicole Eggert’s latest statement is nothing more than the latest distraction to a simple fact… She has never answered responsively to a series of inconsistencies and falsehoods in the many stories she’s told about Scott Baio. Her claims have been wholly undermined by witnesses and physical evidence, and her only response is to discuss political parties. We are asking the Los Angeles police department and Los Angeles district attorney to investigate Ms. Eggert’s sworn statement for purposes of determining if she can be charged with filing a false police report, given the enormous amount of evidence against her."

Brian Glicklich released the first article Revenge and Ratings: Nicole Eggert and Alex Polinsky and the Dark Side of #MeToo on July 3, 2020. You may see that article below.

On July 22, 2020, Brian Gliclich released the second part of the article series titled: Hackers, Harassment & Stalking: How Nicole Eggert Suppressed the Unraveling of Her Sexual Assault Story. You may read that below as well.

What do you think about Nicole Eggert's statement?

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