Nicole Curtis’ Baby Daddy Slams Her For Being A Bad Mother Amid Nasty Custody Battle!

Nicole Curtis’ Baby Daddy Slams Her For Being A Bad Mother Amid Nasty Custody Battle!

According to Nicole Curtis’ baby daddy, she’s still behaving like a bad mother!

Shane Maguire has recently revealed that Curtis still refuses to obey the court mandated parenting schedule but somehow finds the time to diss him on social media.

According to court documents, the woman sent him texts in which she claimed the little 2-year-old boy was too sick to fly from Minnesota to Michigan.

But that’s not all! She also blamed Shane for the child’s health issues!

“FYI – he’s still sick, and his schedule is off as you didn’t care to keep him closer to his home time zone,” one text read.

She went on stating that it’s not recommended for the child to be on a plane when he is so ill and that she also canceled all of her previous engagements to stay home and take care of him.

Curtis then accused the father of not coming himself to play with the 2-year-old and instead, putting him in danger by expecting the child to board a plane while sick.

The official document read that she asked him not to take Harper away as he was a”coughing mess” but upon arrival, the man realized the toddler was perfectly healthy.

On March 2 she once again refused to fly Harper back to his father claiming he had a respiratory infection.

When Curtis asked for the doctor’ note, he received one that said the kid only had a slight fever and needed some rest. The pediatrician allowed the two-year-old to board a plane.

In the end, when he let Curtis know he had booked a plane to get Harper, the mother told him she already had plans in Atlanta at a local aquarium.

Shane was forced to change his schedule and come to Atlanta to see his son but did not agree to share his parenting time with her at the aquarium.

The parents have been fighting over the child ever since he was born.

Do you think Curtis is a bad mother for trying to extend her time with Harper?

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  • Gabby
    Gabby Apr 27, 2017 8:24 AM PDT

    Don't be too surprised; there are far worst mothers out here that do far worse things. LET THE MAN SEE HIS SON DAMMIT... HE'S MAKING EFFORTS TO SEE HIM. UGH WOMEN!!!

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