Nicolas Cage's Wife Of Four Days, Erika Koike, Seeks Spousal Support, Report

Nicolas Cage's Wife Of Four Days, Erika Koike, Seeks Spousal Support, Report
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Nicolas Cage has plenty of work to keep him busy but he might be having trouble focusing due to recent reports that his wife of four days, Erika Koike, now seeks spousal support. According to the latest news, Cage was intoxicated when the couple married and he quickly sought an annulment. The pair began dating in April 2018 and were married in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 23, 2019. The marriage was the fourth for Cage and the first for Koike.

TMZ reported on the annulment papers when they were first filed and Nicolas Cage made some interesting claims about his newly-wedded wife.

According to the original TMZ report, Nic and Erika were seen fighting before and after the wedding. Cage stated in the annulment document, according to TMZ, that he was unaware of Erika Koike's full criminal background or that she was involved in another relationship. He says that he was intoxicated, Erika suggested getting married, and he acted on impulse.

Erika now says that Cage has ruined her reputation and she is seeking legal fees. TMZ had the latest update.

"Erika agrees the 2 aren't fit for marriage and should get a divorce, but she wants SPOUSAL SUPPORT!!! According to the docs ... she says she lost career opportunities during her long relationship with Cage and her reputation's been damaged by his allegations."

News that Erika Koike is seeking spousal support hasn't gone over well with people on social media. As Nicolas Cage has alleged that there was fraud involved, many people are sounding off on social media sites agreeing that something seems wrong.

Erika states that she and Nicolas Cage had been a couple for almost a year, therefore she made personal sacrifices in the relationship. She also countered Cage's claims that he was drunk and therefore didn't understand that he was getting married.

According to Erika, Nicolas has asked her to "start again in the right way." Whether a judge will believe that means a wedding proposal remains to be seen.

Even if Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike dated for one year, and if he asked her to marry him then filed for an annulment four days later, do you think she should be entitled to spousal support?

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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