Nicola Peltz's new Diamond Ring after £3m Wedding

Nicola Peltz's new Diamond Ring after £3m Wedding
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After a £3 million wedding in a £76 million ocean-front mansion, the Peltz-Beckham couple were never going to compromise. The newlywed 27-year-old is sporting a stunning new item on her ring finger, which she is showcasing on Instagram Stories.

Since the wedding, Angela has been celebrating with her closest friend Angela, her PR rep Alex Shack, and her stylist Leslie Fremar.
On Instagram, she uploaded a photo of the three holding big bouquets of flowers and calling them her "queens."

"My team, my inspirations," she added. "I am extremely blessed to have you girls."

But all eyes were on her new diamond ring, which replaced the emerald-cut ring she wore since her 2020 engagement.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney's wife Amal have worn emerald cut engagement rings.

Nicola recently wore a pearl and crystal necklace in a shot that reminded us of Paris Hilton in her youth.

On the wedding day, Brooklyn's mother Victoria Beckham accessorised her silver gown with a necklace worth at up to £2 million.

R&T co-founder Kyron Keogh shared some insight into the brilliant jewels.

The 18ct yellow gold necklace has a pear-cut diamond that seems to be 12cts -15cts in weight, she said.

As a result, it might be worth £1.3-£2million due to its clarity.

Nicola refused to let Victoria or her team create her wedding gown, despite Victoria's pride in her style.
Instead, she wore a classic Valentino design for the vows.

Victoria, on the other hand, had her own head designer, Lara Barrio, make her outfit for the event.

Kim Kardashian's close friend Jonathan Cheban, a PR star known as The Food God for his popular dining website, was also glammed up.

He wore a $175,000 diamond bow tie at the wedding, according to Page Six.

"I got security don't attempt it!" he joked on Instagram, with the blinged-up adornment.

Jonathan proudly displayed his 36 carat round-cut diamond ring set in 18k white gold.

"The most outrageous Diamond bow tie by @jacobandco," he wrote.

While Brooklyn appeared unassuming in his Dior suit and diamond chain, a present from his new in-laws,


Even Victoria, known for her scowls while posed for the camera, smiled at the glittering occasion.

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