Nicki Minaj's Mom Is Ready To Have Some Grandkids

Nicki Minaj's Mom Is Ready To Have Some Grandkids
Credit: BET

You probably already know that Nicki Minaj reportedly got married to her boo, Kenneth Petty. At least, that what she made everyone believe with one of her recent posts on social media.

Nicki and Kenneth Petty  are now husband and wife , and this commitment did not come as a surprise, given the fact that Nicki has been making it very clear that Kenneth is the one for her.

After Nicki hinted that she became Mrs. Petty, she said that she would not have Kenny's kids until he gives her a diamond ring .

Now, Nicki's mom speaks out, and it seems that she's definitely ready to raise some grandkids. The Shade Room knows more about the subject.

TSR posted this: 'Nicki Minaj’s mother Carol Maraj says she’s ready for Nicki to put some buns in that oven! Mama Minaj stepped out to celebrate her debut song “What Makes You.” She took the time to congratulate her daughter on her recent nuptials to Mr. Petty and added that she’s ready for some grandkids from Nicki.'

A follower wrote: 'LMAO Caribbean moms love throwing their lil shade "her biological clock is ticking"'

Someone else said 'Okay but she’s not the one purchasing it out though lol let Nicki enjoy being a wife first. 😂'

Talking about ticking biological clocks, a follower had this to say: 'Kenya had her beautiful baby girl at 48! Age is mental.'

Well, probably Nicki will have kids only when and if she's ready, no matter what anyone says.


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