Nicki Minaj’s Fans Are Convinced She's Welcomed Her First Baby In Secret - Here's Why!

Nicki Minaj’s Fans Are Convinced She's Welcomed Her First Baby In Secret - Here's Why!
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Fans of Nicki Minaj are convinced that she might have already given birth to her first baby! The suspicions started spreading when her mom made a very interesting comment that grabbed everyone's attention.

As you might know, the female rapper made her pregnancy public towards the end of July so not too long ago.

Still, fans are theorizing that her bundle of joy might already be here!

After all, Nicki Minaj did not reveal how far along she was and looking at the pics taken around that time, her baby bump was already quite big.

Now, thanks to a comment from Nicki’s loving mother, Carol, fans are on high alert, trying to get a confirmation that Nicki and her husband, Kenneth Petty’s first baby together was born in secret.

The message that had everyone buzzing was Nicki’s mom gushing that ‘motherhood already looks beautiful’ on her daughter.

This is, of course, something people usually say about parents of newborns who are naturals and doing a great job from the start and not about pregnant women.

The mom posted a stunning pic of Nicki in a cut-out white gown and posing inside a colorful sphere while showing off her growing baby bump.

Carol thanked the photographer and raved about her daughter, writing in the caption: ‘Is it too late to post a #WCW? Thank you @david_lachapelle for capturing my heart on the outside. Onika has always been so nurturing  caring, loving, bold, beautiful, God-fearing and selfless… motherhood already looks beautiful on you!’

As mentioned before, it was that last sentence that caused fans to freak out.

Here are some of the reactions in the comment section: ‘She had the baby y’all im crineee.’ / ‘How does it feel to be a grandmother?’ / ‘did she have the baby already?’

While fans are obviously eager to learn more, for the time being, no one has confirmed that Nicki has, indeed, given birth!

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