Nicki Minaj Working On 'Classic' New Album: Is The Female Rapper Accepting Help From Rumored Boyfriend Nas?

Nicki Minaj Working On 'Classic' New Album: Is The Female Rapper Accepting Help From Rumored Boyfriend Nas?
Source: Complex

Nicki Minaj is putting the beef with Remy Ma behind her -- for now. The Queen of Rap just reached her ten-year point in the industry and is gearing up to make her best album ever.

In an interview with "Dazed," the lyricist discussed everything from feeling like Cinderella to not knowing when her new record will be finished.

Minaj is planning to turn back to her Southside, Jamica, Queens, New York roots in what she describes as her most memorable album yet that's sure to be a classic.

Speaking of classics, who's a better artist to help her with achieving that goal that arguably one of the best rappers of all time -- her boyfriend Nas?

We've heard the rumors that "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood" star Safaree Samuels is responsible for writing Nicki's hits. Although he's definitely produced tracks for his ex, it's unlikely that he's responsible for the verses that made Minaj the great that she is today.

Besides the fact that she's churned out iconic bars since her very public split with Safaree, she also said this in the interview: "Look, I came into this industry saying I would never sleep with a man to get what I wanted and I would always write my own raps, because I’ve always been smart enough to do that."

After her breakup, Nicki found love with Philly musician Meek Mill and collaborated on her 2014 hit "The Pinkprint." They two broke up earlier this year but the songs that they joined together in remain many fan's favorites.

Now that she's publicly cozy with Nas, we are hoping that he will bring some of his experience to make this upcoming album one of the most memorable New York ones yet.

Do you think that Nicki is working with her beau? Are you excited for new music?

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