Nicki Minaj Wishes Tekashi69 The Best Amid Growing Federal Case Against Him

Nicki Minaj Wishes Tekashi69 The Best Amid Growing Federal Case Against Him
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Following the reports that Tekashi69 may face a severe prison sentence, Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to share the status of Takashi's upcoming album, Dummy Boy.

Initially, it was supposed to come out on the 23rd of November, but as a result of his legal problems, Tekashi's latest record is now canceled for the time being.

Nicki wrote in the caption of her post that for reasons aside from music, the company would be postponing the release of the record. She gave her thoughts and prayers for both Danny and his family.

As most know, Tekashi69, or Danny Hernandez, and Nicki Minaj have collaborated once before on the song, "FEFE." However, Nicki took considerable criticism for the partnership, mostly due to his past as a criminal.

Later, she took to her Queen Radio Podcast to say that she didn't collaborate with him just because he was popular; she genuinely liked the vibe of the song and wanted to be on it because it reminded her of "Slumber Party" from Gucci Mane.

"Shout out to my baby Tekashi, I love him," she stated. As it was previously reported, Danny was arrested on the 19th of November, Monday, under charges filed within the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

Currently, the rapper is awaiting a bail hearing while he sits in the general population section of Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center. Court documents indicate that Hernandez may be in jail for life.

The past year has proven to be considerably difficult for Tekashi69, as he has faced problem after problem, including music video shootings, restaurant shootings, assault charges, and then indecent sexual charges relating to a minor.

Mr. Hernandez has become a controversial figure because of the juxtaposition between his brilliance as an artist, and his actions in his personal life. For that reason, he has divided the hip-hop community on whether he should have their support.

Furthermore, on the 11th of November, just a few days before his arrest on RICO Charges, he supposedly assaulted his girlfriend, Sara Molina. Reports indicate that he struck her in the face during a verbal argument, leaving the young woman with a bruised lip.

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