Nicki Minaj Will Spend New Year's Eve On Stage With Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj Will Spend New Year's Eve On Stage With Lil Wayne
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2018 is about to end, and all the celebrities are getting ready for New Year's Eve. If you were wondering what Nicki Minaj's plans are, well it seems that she will be entering 2019 while performing.

Anyway, if you're in Miami for New Year's Eve, we recommend that you head over to the club to have a night to remember.

Nicki announced her fans and followers that she would be co-hosting a celebration with her Young Money boss, Lil Wayne.

This is scheduled for December 31, and it will all go down at LIV Nightclub in Miami.

It's still not very clear if these two will be performing there as well, or if they will be only hosting the show together.

Someone praised Nicki in the comments section and said the following: 'There are currently 96.9 millions of us we could do a whole lot better, but I’m still thankful for what we can do at the minimum, but seriously we should be hitting 30-59 million views within 1 day or 20 million within 4 hours come one Nicki has one of the if not the strongest craziest fan bases in the world.'

The person continued and said that 'we could do a whole lot better if we really applied ourselves it’s just the go wanna see two rap women beefing for the top spot not knowing Nicki has the top spot regardless she’s the highest selling female rapper of all time and is the most creative female rapper of all time and the most lyrical so let me not get into stats and numbers and Logistics.' Well, good to know.

Other than this, Nicki has been in the spotlight recently again after she made public her new relationship with controversial Kenneth Zoo Petty.

We reported that  he has quite a shady past , but Nicki made sure to hop online and defend his past actions, saying that nobody is perfect.

We also found out that Nicki has babies on her mind, so maybe 2019 will come with a bunch of surprises.

Petty has recently tattooed Nicki's name on his neck just to make things as clear as possible that what they have going on between them is extremely serious.

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