Nicki Minaj Slams Hater Who Accused Her Of Not Being As Supportive As Cardi B Of Other Female MCs

Nicki Minaj Slams Hater Who Accused Her Of Not Being As Supportive As Cardi B Of Other Female MCs
Credit: BET

A hater dragged Nicki Minaj into a conversation about all kinds of popular female rappers supporting smaller MCs. This came right after record producer Jermaine Dupri dissed Cardi B, Nicki and more rappers saying that they are like 'strippers rapping.'

Dupri talked about all these with People and offered his thoughts on the female rappers in the music industry.

When Dupri was asked who his favorite rapper is, he couldn’t say. People were upset that he seemed to include  Nicki Minaj  in what he had to say as well.

Anyway, the hater mentioned above said that Nicki, compared to Cardi, would never support smaller MCs. Nicki quickly answered to the hater, and you can see their conversation below.

Someone wrote, 'Why is everyone always coming at Nicki? Why are ppl making it a competition bout who did what & first. Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ stop creating drama btwn two strong, beautiful n talented women. I know my ladies understand me on this. Let’s uplift each other. That’s how we all win. That’s how these two women win. Stop the hate. Spread the love 💜✊🏼'

Another follower said, 'I wonder if anyone can trend nowadays without mentioning Nicki Minaj. That's how u know she's the queen.'

A fan posted: 'Where did this rumor of her not supporting other female rappers even come from? Stop discrediting her tf.'

Stefflon Don said, 'I feel how I feel however we don’t need to drag someone down to lift someone up. Bullying has got to stop on all levels. At the end of the day if anything bad was to happen to this person no one would be happy with the outcome and no one wins. Lead by example.'

What do you think about Nicki's answer to the hater?

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