Nicki Minaj Shares Raunchy Video Where Boyfriend Kenneth Petty Is Doing Things To Her Toes

Nicki Minaj Shares Raunchy Video Where Boyfriend Kenneth Petty Is Doing Things To Her Toes
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By the way Nicki Minaj has her new man wrapped around her toes, she will be having a baby in 2019.

The Young Money rapper confirmed that her controversial romance is going strong by posting a New Year's Eve video where she is in a hot tub with Kenneth Petty and looking flawless in a pink bikini.

The video went viral because Minaj's beau held her feet and kissed her toes before picking her up. Minaj seemed delighted by Kenneth's romantic gestures.

The diva captioned the PDA-packed video: "BLESSINGS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL."

Some fans are happy because Nicki is in love and is no longer fighting with Cardi B and others say all of this is fake.

One person shared: "Nikki better stop before she ends up like Mary J. It’s nothing wrong with happiness, but he better be bringing more to the table than the D. Unless, I get it Queen got her own courtesan. I want Nicki to level up. Try dating somebody that's not her type cuzzo can't seem to find better on her on the judgment. This boy going to lose his mind when she’s done playing with him... it’s so obvious that he’s her boy toy for the moment!! Poor thang."

The critic stated: "Look like he was struggling. She uses to be soooo private lol now it’s all out in the open ?Is it me or did she swerve him when he tried to lean in for a kiss? ? ??‍♀️ This is no bueno. She puts the E in extra — too much of the gram. And you know, soon you’ll see that they are broken up. Be like some “ordinary” people and keep ur relationship off the internet. It’ll probably last longer. Bro secured that bag, he gone do Whatever he gotta lol."

Another comment read: "I love you, Nicki... Keep getting these haters pressed for no reason... See how sis got in a relationship and ain’t no beef popped out yet? It’s cause she finally done being miserable and lonely. Do ya thang sis."

Nicki is really where the critics expect her to be.

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