Nicki Minaj Shares New Video With Boyfriend Kenneth Petty - People Criticize Her

Nicki Minaj Shares New Video With Boyfriend Kenneth Petty - People Criticize Her
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Nicki Minaj shared a new video in which she's all lovey-dovey with her man, Kenneth. She has been posting pics and videos of him for quite a while and fans seem to be getting used to the idea that she's completely in love with him.

But there are still other people that don't like him and they believe that he's only dating Nicki for money.

Someone said 'I like this happy Nicki,i know she can get a better man but she likes him😁'

Another follower believes that 'That dude is totally neutered and whipped to be allowing himself to be used as a fodder and prop. I fear that his natural felonious instinct will kick in soon like a tiger and thrash this facade.'

Someone else said that 'He plotting to get her pregnant so he can take her for child support @nickiminaj DON'T DO IT NICKYYYY📢'

One commenter criticized Nicki for the video: 'Why show tits like that 🤷‍♂️ That’s not all women are good for. Nicki you’re making me like Cardi more these days 🤦‍♂️'

Another fan bashed the haters and said 'If he makes her happy, then that's wassup! You keep dishing out your opinions on how much you hate him and her together like she about to change her lifestyle just to suit y'all. Leave her alone and focus on y'all love lives!!!'

Despite the fact that people have been criticizing Nicki more since she's together with Kenneth, her long-time fans have been always there to support and defend her.

Regarding Cardi, there's been a 'fight' between her and Nicki's fanbases for quite a while now. Cardi seemed to have defended Nicki after the whole BET drama.

It was recently reported that Nicki Minaj tweeted to announce that  she and Lil Wayne, will be no longer performing at BET Experience , a pre-BET Awards concert.

BET issued an apology to Nicki after what happened.

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