Nicki Minaj Seems To Hint At Her Post-Retirement Job With Her Latest Photos

Nicki Minaj Seems To Hint At Her Post-Retirement Job With Her Latest Photos
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Nicki Minaj has been hard at work in her collaboration with Italian fashion brand Fendi, and she was recently dropped a few photos, and she is posing in one of them in a stylish pink cut-out bodysuit for the famous brand.

She also wanted to make it clear what the shoot was for, as the brand's logo was prominently displayed all over.

Many of Nicki's fans immediately rushed to social media to comment on her looks and sexy body, and it looks like it did not take her a lot of effort to go viral.

Several images that were from the same shoot found their way online, and many of them featured extravagant setups with different models in various configurations.

Of course, Nicki and her famous assets were still the highlights in all of those features, and she managed to draw a lot of attention to Fendi once again.

Indeed, many of her fans have been actively commenting on the brand itself after the recent posts.

Having Nicki's looks as the center of everyone's attention for the campaign is working out just fine with regards to boosting Fendi's popularity.

The famous femcee from New York does not seem to mind either, as she has been putting a lot of hard work into making this happen ever since seemingly moving away from her career as a rapper.

What she will choose to do in the future is anyone's guess at this point, but she still has the attention of many of her millions of fans, and no matter what she picks, it should not take her a lot of effort to get the ball rolling.

A fan of Nicki, who recently broke the internet by announcing her retirement, told her: "Nicki, I won’t write you a long paragraph because you most likely won’t see it anyways, but I want you to know that I’m so happy you finally found a dude he loves you so much just look at the way he looks at you I’m glad for you forget what everybody else says it’s your life sis if you love him that’s all that matters Congratulations on your marriage 💖"

Another commenter stated: "Can we get one last album 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾 I noticed you’re only retiring cause ain’t no competitions !! All these years you’ve been competing with your self."

This music lover claimed: "Yea she definitely isn’t retiring she loves the spotlight, and the spotlight loves her. I like that you're back into the realness of your skin tone.. the influence of the south early on within your career had you using skin lightened pigments, you look more Beautiful and Authentic this way! Melanin beauty👣"

Being a designer and spokesperson with famous brands fit Nicki perfectly.

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