Nicki Minaj Seems To Be Living Rent Free In Safaree Samuels And Erica Mena's Heads Which Led To This New Drama

Nicki Minaj Seems To Be Living Rent Free In Safaree Samuels And Erica Mena's Heads Which Led To This New Drama
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Even though Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels are currently very much in love and excited for the arrival of their first child together, not everything has been running smoothly for the happy couple, as recently the two celebrities were involved in an incident during their walk on the streets of New York.

While Erica and Safaree were strolling around casually, two girls approached them. They mistook the identity of the reality TV star because one of them shouted, "OMG Nicki Minaj," which angered the Love & Hip Hop: New York star and got Safaree shouting at the intruders.

The rapper allegedly felt it was disrespectful for the girls to say those things in front of his pregnant wife and snapped back at the provocation.

Meanwhile, an unknown man reportedly appeared and rushed to defend the two women, but he was soon pinned to the ground by a couple of bodyguards that were accompanying the couple.

According to a witness of the scene, the defender of the girls told the 38-year-old hip hop performer that was not the correct way to talk to women, before he was unexpectedly attacked by the guards of the celebrity, who jumped on him and allegedly tried to stab him.

This fan had this reaction: "Why walk up on her and call her that woman’s name when they’re both in happy relationships? Y’all need to learn to leave ppl tf alone."

One person had this to say: "Like I’m confused!!! So she should be disrespected???? Her name is Erica. Let some chick walk up to any of y’all females in these comments and call you ya Mans exes name and let me see how calm y’all stay!!!!!! Corny asf!!!!"

Another commenter shared: "Erica will have to forever live up to Nicki Minaj’s presents 😂
Meanwhile, the queen is chilling in her palace."

This social media user shared: "I always say it ain’t good to jump to the aid of people that are just looking to start trouble... that goes for friends and family if you wrong you wrong, and now you on your own!!"

For the time being, it remains unclear who the woman was that called Erica with the name of her husband's former girlfriend or why she did that, but it seems that Safaree was offended too for his wife to be mistaken for his ex.

Currently, neither Erica nor her man has commented on what happened.

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