Nicki Minaj Not ‘Thinking About’ Cardi B Skipping People’s Choice Awards - She's 'Relaxed' And Excited To Perform!

Nicki Minaj Not ‘Thinking About’ Cardi B Skipping People’s Choice Awards - She's 'Relaxed' And Excited To Perform!
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Apparently, Nicki Minaj is super ready to perform at the People’s Choice Awards tomorrow, November 11. That being said, one insider report claims that the woman is not only excited to ‘rap her hear out’ but she is also not at all bothered by the fact that her nemesis and fellow female emcee, Cardi B, is slipping the event.

‘Nicki is relieved and relaxed going into Sunday night’s People’s Choice Awards. Nicki is not even thinking about Cardi B not attending Sunday evening and is so focused on performing and opening the show for her fans,’ a source tells HollywoodLife.

According to the insider, Nicki has invited some of her close pals to attend and she ‘knows she can go and just relax and perform her heart and soul out,’ while they cheer for her.

‘She invited a lot of people in her inner circle to come and support her and she is really excited to get on the stage and perform and celebrate with her friends that night.’

Meanwhile, a previous report from the outlet discussed how in his new song, Huncho Dreams, Quavo alluded that he and Nicki were had been intimate before but that does not seem to be the case!

Another source dished that ‘Nicki does not want to settle for someone who is not as successful as her, and she knows Quavo and a lot of other rappers are in record deals that will eventually leave them completely broke. She is too smart, and she knows better than to mess with Quavo.’

Are you excited to watch Nicki Minaj’s performance at the People’s Choice Awards tomorrow night? Let us know in the comment section down below!


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  • RoeHoe
    RoeHoe Nov 11, 2018 6:30 AM PST

    Hollywood life is as credible as Media Takeout. Corny, fake and uninterested. As I read, I just don't believe it. Best to ya.

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