Nicki Minaj Mocked For Weak Twerking Skills, Fans Defend Her

Nicki Minaj Mocked For Weak Twerking Skills, Fans Defend Her
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Twerking is an important skill for someone in Nicki Minaj's position, and even though she has been doing her best to show what she got, she has been the subject of some comments full of ridicule lately.

The singer/femcee recently showed off her body and skills once again, but it does not look like she has managed to impress too many of her fans.

Still, some have pointed out that the hateful comments are out of place, given the fact that Nicki could probably twerk better than the majority of people out there.

At the same time, her performance next to Megan Thee Stallion was seen as mediocre at best, but others pointed to the fact that she is a great femcee who spits killer rhymes, so she does not need to improve on those skills.

Nicki recently announced that she is retiring to go focus on having a family and fans cannot get over the news.

One supporter said: "I honestly am lost for words. You’ve given me so much from my childhood till now, and you’re the best to do it in my eyes. Dang got me all emotional and shiii. Thank you for everything you’ve given us, we fkn love you... I fkn LOVE YOU! 🖤 #queen."

Another commenter shared: "As much as I want to cry my eyes out and watch to see if you say sike, I know you are not going to. So imma say this now, thank you for my childhood. From you rapping on the fence at college and freestyles against the brick wall to now I have been rocking with you, and I pray that this decision you’ve made really pays off. I want you to be happy, and I pray this makes you happy and hopefully sometime time later, if you wanna pop up really quick just know imma stay Rockin with you 4 LIFE😭💅🏽 #nickiminaj #queen #moment4life #ittybittypiggy #poison #rightthroughme #queenradio #megatron #pinkprint #favorite I lIve you so much."

A third backer wrote: "The Queen. Never ever done before, took Rap all over the place & marketed Female Rap & carried the game for 10+ years with a heavy influence & global impact. Love you. Queen. ♥️ NM5 real soon. 🦄✨"

This music lover revealed: "Nicki, You definitely made your mark in music. Thank you for slaying our lives with your beauty, inspiring us with your wisdom, and all the music and memories you gave us for AWLL these years. Once the queen, forever the queen. You will always be my favorite #GOAT #Barbz4life Hip Hops icon. ❤️"

Nicki is on top of her game as she focuses on retirement.

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