Nicki Minaj Might Be Using Drake And Nas Dating Rumors For Publicity

Nicki Minaj Might Be Using Drake And Nas Dating Rumors For Publicity
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Earlier today, a bombshell report surfaced on the Internet claiming that hip-hop music superstars Drake and Nicki Minaj might be dating.

The rumor sparked many reactions on social media and fans did not want to believe it was true. Well, those doubting the story were apparently right.

A source has come out to say that the two friends are just playing with the media and using the attention to promote their business ventures.

If the frequent collaborators seemed inseparable in the past few weeks, there is a simple explanation.

They are often booked together for events. However, there is nothing funky going on at the moment.

The insider explained: “Nicki & Drake have liked each other more than just friends in the past, but most of their flirting nowadays is done because they know that people will talk about it and it puts them in the news. It is mostly business-related flirting. Because shortly after they flirt with each other, it is not a coincidence that a song or an album or something will be released soon thereafter. They consciously use each other for their own advantage. All the way to the bank!”

Despite all the hoopla with Drake, Minaj is still playing games with rap music legend Nas who is said to be interested in her.

The talented femcee even alluded to the romance in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres earlier this year.

She said she was taking it slow but was interested in the New York native.

A source shared: "Nicki came on strong to Nas in the beginning. And although she said she wanted to take things slow, and that she did not want to jump straight into a relationship, Nicki led him on to believe there was something between them.”

The friend added: “Nas cannot help questioning Nicki’s motives. He hopes his gut feeling is wrong, but at this stage, he does not know what to think.”

It seems that some conclusions can be drawn from what those insiders revealed.

Minaj likes to be on the news, and she has no problem using those fellows who might have real feelings for her to grab headlines.

Drake and Nas may be getting played, or they are all part of the same circus.

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    Monza Aug 3, 2017 7:56 PM PDT

    For a long time I meditated on the scripture that says the love of money is the root to all evil now I understand our women are becoming nothing but sex symbols we as a nation had better hope and pray that he'll is not real

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