Nicki Minaj Is Plotting Revenge Against Nick Cannon After Epic Diss

Nicki Minaj Is Plotting Revenge Against Nick Cannon After Epic Diss

Nicki Minaj is not reacting the way many expected after Nick Cannon dissed her in an epic manner on The Wendy Williams Show Thursday.

She chose to laugh things off and tell herself that he secretly wants a piece of her. After the slam, they added a picture of Cannon under the word meanness in the dictionary, that is how vicious it was.

It is not clear why the comedian did this after Minaj spent weeks trying to get his attention on social media.

Yes, the man has to defend the mother of his children and probably the love of his life, but he did not need to hit this hard.

Here is what the former host of America's Got Talent said: “Is this bubbly booty Nicki or after the booty drop? Oh Nah, I can’t do that then…if she gets it fixed, call me then.”

That was a reference to Remy Ma's diss song "shETHER," in which she stated that Minaj had some big problems with her butt implants and could not have sexual intercourse with then-boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill, for three months.

Cannon's shade could have destroyed the confidence of any other woman, but Minaj is in a league of her own, so she is not sweating it, at least publicly.

People in her entourage are looking for creative ways to capitalize on this and at the same time return the favor.

Minaj is really done trying to seduce her nemesis, Mariah Carey's ex-husband. She now wants to go after him where it will do damage.

An insider revealed: “Nicki [Minaj] is laughing at Nick Cannon‘s diss about her butt. She thinks Nick is ridiculous. Nicki has been busy in the studio with her new album and she is already at work writing some new lines to throw shade back at Nick.”

The source also added: “Nicki is confident with her body, knows she is sexy and feels like Nick wishes he had a chance with her. He doesn’t. Nicki is determined to have the last laugh and word on Nick Cannon.”

Commenters say that Minaj did not really have a choice in this situation. Her posterior is fake, they say, so the best she can do is laugh it out hoping it all goes away.

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