Nicki Minaj Is Plotting An Unforgettable 2020 By Doing This

Nicki Minaj Is Plotting An Unforgettable 2020 By Doing This
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Get ready for a whole Nicki Minaj takeover in 2020 now that she has slowed down with her legendary music career. In late 2019, the femcee from New York dropped the bomb that she was retiring from music to “focus on her family.”

Very soon after, she wed her childhood boyfriend, Kenneth Petty, and revealed that she was working on having a baby.

Fans of the flamboyant diva are often on social media asking, is she really done with music?

In a new interview with Billboard , Nicki said she is not really done with rapping and added: “I love music and interacting with fans, so I can’t really see taking myself completely away. But I want to be open to other possibilities in my life. I do believe it is important to become a woman outside of the magnifying glass.”

Nicki went on to explain why her mini-break from the cameras and the stage are essential: “I have to make sure that I’m well-rounded as a human being.”

So, what is next for the talented lyricist? Nicki plans to expand her business empire.

She said: “I plan on venturing out a million times more than I am now. That was always my goal: to become a big businesswoman. I don’t want to be in such a lucrative industry and not capitalize on it—everyone else does it,” she shared with the publication. “[With Fendi], they ended up reaching out to my team to work on the collaboration after I put out [Queen single] ‘Chun Li.’ I was blown away and honored. I went to Milan and met everyone there. They allowed me to play with fabrics and look at what they were planning for their next line. I didn’t expect it to be this massive—I’m really proud of it!”

Nicki had this to say in the past about Petty making her 2020 very special: “We’re very close as friends, ’cause we’ve known each other since we were kids, but also, we’re so sexually attracted to each other, People can say all they want, ‘Love is not about looks,’ or ‘Physical attraction.’ Yeah, right, if you’re not physically attracted to that person, bye.”

Nicki might have something really cool in store for her supporters next year.

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