Nicki Minaj Is Not Pressing Charges After Cardi B's Attack At New York Fashion Week

Nicki Minaj Is Not Pressing Charges After Cardi B's Attack At New York Fashion Week
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After Cardi B attacked Nicki Minaj with a shoe at a New York Fashion Week Party on Friday night, the Queen singer decided that she didn't need to go to the police. In actuality, the incident hardly bothered her at all.

An insider close to the Queen rapper said to reporters from TMZ that security handled the shoe-tossing incident fine, and there was no need to take it any step further.

Additionally, Nicki didn't suffer any kind of injury, and neither did anybody on her team, so there isn't much of a reason for her to go to the police station and continue with the drama.

Reportedly, Cardi, who left the event with a lump on her forehead, supposedly has no intentions of bringing it to the police either, and as for the injury she endured, that was caused by a security guard who accidentally bumped her head.

TMZ alleges that Cardi and Minaj got into an altercation after the rapper suggested Cardi wasn't fit to be a mother. And judging by the words from Cardi, she was the one who was really trying to get into a fight. Check out the video above.

However, her shoe didn't hit Nicki, and neither did her fists. Later on, Minaj seemed unfazed by all of the drama, at least on the outside.

As fans of Nicki know, this all comes as a surprise, because during past interviews, Minaj said she and Cardi had zero beef and no problems with each other at all.

Nicki said that she was sick of people causing drama in her life, and expecting her to be an "emotionless barbie" who can't fight back against her haters. Things became even murkier for the star when she complained that her album didn't go to number one because of Spotify, as well as Kylie Jenner colluding with Travis to promote his record.

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  • No Thanks
    No Thanks Sep 8, 2018 7:29 PM PDT

    This is so corny. Nicki literally cannot press charges because she'd look more fake than she really is. She has a song called "Chun-Li" and didn't put up a single hand. Meanwhile Cardi is just proving herself to be about her lyrics. This goes to show you how much the press DOESN'T understand the culture. Lame.

    • jaz
      jaz Sep 12, 2018 1:12 PM PDT

      Her And what Culture are you talking about? What Cardi did has nothing to do with my culture

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