Nicki Minaj Is Dropping A Remix To 'Good Form' With Lil Wayne Tomorrow

Nicki Minaj Is Dropping A Remix To 'Good Form' With Lil Wayne Tomorrow
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Nicki Minaj announced her fans that she's been working with Lil Wayne and tomorrow the result is out. It's a remix for Good Form, and you can see her announcement on her social media account below.

Nicki's fans could not be more excited, and they cheered on her and the rapper in the comments section of Instagram.

'Yessss!! Let’s go, sis!!! ?????? This should have been your second single, but we still love for releasing it though(after so much begging)' someone commented.

The person above continued and said 'like seriously! We were begging her to release this as a single but sis ignored us all summer. But she finally did!???'

One other commenter wrote '@nickiminaj: So now can U hop on #OpenSafe and blaze it one gud time for the culture!!! And ask @liltunechi to put it out so it can be in rotation with #GoodForm!!! That would be Epic!!!???? #King & #Queen tingz!!!??'

Another follower posted 'Daaaaamnnn! Queen why do you have to do this? I was bout to end it all but zamn, the Queen will be dropping a remix to ny fave song it's a great time to live! Amen.'

Nicki made headlines again after her ex,  Safaree Samuels posted a video with Lil Kim on his social media account, and many voices claimed that he’s doing this to spite Nicki.

This older beef between Nicki and Kim was quite a heated battle from a few years ago.

Even if this happened way back, some people are still bringing it up as one of the most memorable feuds in female rap history.

When Nicki and Lil Kim were beefing, Nicki was dating Safaree Samuels, and this adds more fuel on the fire after he posted a video with Lil Kim.


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