Nicki Minaj Includes Her Convicted Sexual Predator Boyfriend In Her Brand New Music Video

Nicki Minaj Includes Her Convicted Sexual Predator Boyfriend In Her Brand New Music Video
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According to a report from Page Six, Nicki Minaj's boyfriend, Kenneth "Zoo" Petty made an appearence in her newest music video. The "Barbie Tingz" rapper featured the 41-year-old, Petty, as her man in the "Megatron" video which features them cuddling in a hot-tub.

Last year in December, it was revealed that Petty had been convicted for allegedly trying to rape a 16-year-old girl. The 36-year-old took to her Instagram in the very same month to say that she was in a relationship with him, despite the deleterious nature of the allegations.

In March of this year, Minaj inadvertently led to rumors that she and he got married when she referred to him as her "husband" while on the Apple Music Show, Queen Radio . The artist remarked that every night when she gets out of the shower, he uses lotion to massage her feet including her toes and the balls of her feet.

"It's just so sexy," the rapper remarked. As fans of Nicki know, she's no stranger to controversy. Last year, the singer was involved in a publicized feud with Cardi B, which came to its conclusion at New York Fashion Week.

Nicki and Cardi apparently got into a fight at the prestigious event, with the latter even throwing a shoe at her. It was revealed later on by Cardi B that Nicki was supposedly talking badly about her mothering skills after she had just given birth to Kulture Kiari with the Migos rapper, Offset.

Addressing the controversy on her Queen Radio show, Nicki said she was completely mortified by the event. The star said she never ever spoke badly about Cardi B's parenting skills, and the entire incident was extremely embarrassing for both of them.

Afterward, fans on social media weren't overly happy with Nicki, because, around the same time, there were murmurs in the industry that Nicki was attempting to blackball other female rappers if they willingly worked with Cardi B.

One of the accusers was Remy Ma, who, like Cardi B, was also a star on Love And Hip-Hop.

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