Nicki Minaj Fires Back At Fans Who Ridiculed Her For Posting This Scandalous Photo With Her BF, Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj Fires Back At Fans Who Ridiculed Her For Posting This Scandalous Photo With Her BF, Kenneth Petty
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After Nicki Minaj shared an Instagram picture that featured boyfriend Kenneth Petty that drew a lot of attention; she received some less than pleasant comments from some of her followers.

Some people took the opportunity to show how mean they could be, accusing her of various things including being lost. At one point, a woman told the talented femcee that she needed to find the light.

Nicki then clapped back by saying that she had visited her profile and laughed for several minutes straight. As a result, she was drawing a wave of ridicule towards the original commenter.

Another fan tried to accuse the rapper of trying to take all the focus in the picture, and leaving her boyfriend looking like a prop on the background. Nicki was quick to fire back, “And u look ugly even with a filter.”

No more attacking comments came in from either of those two accounts afterward.

It has been known for a while now that Nicki does not take kindly to anybody trying to stir up controversy in her comment section and she can be quite ruthless with her clap-backs from time to time.

And yet despite that, some of her fans seem to insist on keeping poking the bear. A few people went after Nicki for the harsh responses.

One comment read: “Wtf is wrong with her... that hashtag is literally used to alert people about missing black women, and She turned it into some to slander us with. A terrible human being.”

Another person stated: “Black girl Tragic.... hell of a way to support your fellow black women... to make light of a serious movement that you have NEVER spoken upon... until now when it fits your narrative... so apparently you have heard of it, and that flip on words was presumably to garner attention... you know your platform... and you know your following.... so hashtagging that bullsh*t shows exactly where your mindset at. I’m not asking for karma... I’m asking for an understanding.... why Nicki be doing this sh*t.... let’s be real.... why she so hurt?”

This backer showed Nicki some support: "She got fed up with the haters, GOOD FOR HER🤣."

Nicki is confident when it comes to her current status in pop culture.

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