Nicki Minaj Finally Reveals What Her Chinese Tattoo Means!

Nicki Minaj Finally Reveals What Her Chinese Tattoo Means!

Nicki Minaj, unlike many other female rappers, doesn’t have many of tattoos. The ones she does have, though, are subtle and feminine and…in other languages!

Of course, some of her international fans had no problem reading the Chinese message on her left arm.

The connotation of the tattoo became known to them first and now, through the never-ending power of the internet, to everybody else.

The way the meaning of the tattoo became known for the first time was through a group of Chinese fans.

The star was recently seen making her way to her ride as three fans followed closely behind.

After she had sat down in the backseat, Minaj decided to ask the girls what country they are from to which they answered it to be China!

“My tattoo is Chinese!” Nicki said excitedly before pulling down her jacket and showing them the tattoo.

“Do you know how to read it?”

One of the three fans walked closer and read the writing before she looked at the camera and translated it to English: “It means God will be with you.”

Minaj posted the video on Instagram later on and confirmed the meaning in the caption.

She also pointed out that there has always been fascination around the tattoo as well as speculation regarding what it meant.

“[People] always ask me what my Chinese tattoo means,” she wrote. “#GodIsWithMeAlways, on my way to shoot the [“Light My Body Up”] video a few weeks ago…inches on floor level.”

Well, the “secret” is out! Also, wasn’t she so nice to the fans? So down to earth!

What do you think of her tattoo? Does it fit her image?

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