Nicki Minaj Fans Clap Back At Cardi B After She Claims Someone Is Super 'Obsessed' With Her

Nicki Minaj Fans Clap Back At Cardi B After She Claims Someone Is Super 'Obsessed' With Her
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The feud between the two female emcees seems to be escalating once again after a brief break! After Cardi B seemed to throw some shade at Nicki Minaj on social media, the latter’s fans, knows as The Barbz, clapped back at Cardi!

Nicki’s supporters are apparently convinced Cardi’s new post on IG was meant to shade their idol.

Earlier today, Cardi posted a clip of Mariah Carey and alongside it, wrote a cryptic message that reads: ‘Have you ever had somebody sooo obsessed with you? S**t starts to feel a little creepy 😳 truly spooky.’

It did not take long for the Barbz to come for her, commenting things like: ‘Girl you’re nobody to be obsessed with 😂😂 you’ll never be Nic or her level.’ / ‘Says the one that was stalking nicki's page.’ / ‘Well damn somebody gotta do it cuz offset sure ain’t.’ / ‘You’re so bothered and it’s sad😂. You wanna be so unbothered yet you breath the minute somebody mention you with the truth.’ Yikes!

The ambiguous message came only a day after Nicki also dragged her haters in her song with Pop Smoke titled Welcome to the Party.

The collab rap song is filled with obscenities so you’ll have to go check that out yourself if you haven’t yet but all you need to know is that she completely destroys her enemies in the lyrics.

The beef between Nicki and Cardi has been quiet for a while but fans thought Minaj shaded the other rapper on Queen Radio not too long ago when she stated: ‘I would feel so f***ing crazy if I had number ones and Grammys and ain’t on nobody top 50 list. I came in this game with an authentic come up, writing raps, and doing what the fuck was really actually necessary. No Instagram, no reality shows, no sucking DJ’s d*cks.’

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