Nicki Minaj Dishes On Bad Blood With Cardi B And Drake

Nicki Minaj Dishes On Bad Blood With Cardi B And Drake
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On Thursday, Nicki Minaj dropped two new tracks, "Barbie Tingz," as well as the Street Fighter-inspired song, "Chun-Li," and to go with it, the rapper dished on her relationships, or lack thereof, with fellow artists and former friends like Cardi B, Drake, and Meek Mill. When speaking with Zane Lowe from Apple Beat's 1 Radio, Nicki began her talk with Cardi B and Migos.

According to reports, Cardi and Minaj began feuding right around the time of the release of "Motorsport." The "Bodak Yellow" rapper and Migos collaborated on the track, and Minaj said she felt kind of "ambushed."

The "Anaconda" artist said all of the guys from Migos wanted her on the track, and Minaj agreed to it. When speaking on Capital EXTRA radio back in late November, Cardi said she was thrilled to be on the same song as Migos.

Cardi talked about Minaj during the UK interview, and as a result of it, Minaj explained that she felt she was portrayed as a bad person. It hurt her feelings.

Cardi hasn't commented on it yet. However, she previously said that fans want beef between artists, even though there might not be any there.

The rapper said, "I feel like fans just keep doing it because they want that." And while things aren't the greatest between her and Cardi, her relationship with Drake is much better.

Nicki and Drake are supposedly like an old married coupled, said the rapper. They've had a lot of fights and falling outs, but despite that, Minaj noted Drake gave her some of the best advice of her career.

As you may know, Minaj also dated Meek Mill, who's currently serving a year in prison for repeatedly violating his parole after getting caught breaking the law while shooting a music video. Drake and Meek have had bad blood of their own.

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