Nicki Minaj Continues To Explain Why She Pulled Out Of The Show In Saudi Arabia

Nicki Minaj Continues To Explain Why She Pulled Out Of The Show In Saudi Arabia
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Some of Nicki Minaj's fans were terribly upset when she decided to pull out from a show in Saudi Arabia. She tried to explain her reasons to fans but still, there were a lot of people who were still mad that they did not get to see their idol.

It's been recently reported by Page Six that Nicki took the decision to pull out of a concert in Saudi Arabia in support of women’s rights. The move was also a response at the treatment of gay and other LGBTQ people.

More than that, Nicki chose this as part of her support for the freedom of expression – which, as you know, is a constitutionally protected right in the U.S.

Now, The Shade Room reports that she wants to make things clear for the ones who show hate for her decision and she offers a further explanation that led to her deciding to do things this way.

She addressed a previous performance she had in Jamaica.

DJ Akademiks commented: 'Even Jamaican entertainers get locked up for cursing at public performances... happens after sting almost every year. Honestly, it’s more about being in tune with the laws of a foreign country more than anything... not every place is the US. And yeah I was born in 🇯🇲 so u dun kno mi affi defend Wi ting.'

Someone wanted to also address haters and said, 'We gotta remember that a lotta these countries aren’t under democratic rule & don’t glorify celebrities the way America does.'

Someone commented: 'Seriously y’all really by hating mad hard on Nicki for no reason.'

Another follower said: 'Y’all ever noticed that she doesn’t really speak on things that much but when she do you can feel the passion in her words.'

One fan said: 'I’m glad she made herself clear for the misinformed ones in the back,' and another commenter wrote: 'Some people are dedicated to misunderstanding everything you say, Nicki...'

As you can see, her diehard fans also known as the Barbz are supporting Nicki's decision.

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