Nicki Minaj Apologizes To Fans After A Show In France Gets Canceled

Nicki Minaj Apologizes To Fans After A Show In France Gets Canceled
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One of Nicki Minaj 's shows in France got canceled, and fans were obviously extremely disappointed. Nicki took to her social media accounts to explain to them what had happened and tell them that it's not her fault.

'Going down to see my fans. 😢 tonight the BUILDING wouldn’t let me or juice Wrld perform. They let us soundcheck then said the building doesn’t have enuff power to run the show. Standby for the official letter from the promoters. I’m so sorry u guys,' Nicki captioned a video.

People have been slamming her in the comments section for ruining their evening.

Someone said 'U guys should go easy on her... At least she's refunding dem money back. It would be her loss if she did not perform not yours. An if because of this, someone will stop being her fan then such a person was never a fan in the first place 😏.'

Another commenter posted 'Beyonce did same. In her case, u are nt even gonna get an explanation.'

Someone replied 'Beyoncé canceled shows!! BUT NOT when the people came to the arena lol. This is not professional.'

Another commenter claims that Nicki canceled the show because there were not too many people: 'I live in Bordeaux, and sadly SHE canceled the show because she didn’t want to play in front of only 5000.'

A person said 'For many ppl these shows are a once in a lifetime event & they may not ever get the chance to go to another Nicki Minaj concert. Most ppl requested off work months in advance, booked hotel rooms, & came from various places to see her perform. even if she goes back to these places later, a lot of the ppl that were there may not have the opportunity to be off work or attend the show. What kind of reparations are they receiving? Are they receiving full refunds?'

What do you think about all this?

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