Nicki Minaj Angers Lil Kim Fans By Naming Foxy Brown As Her Influence

Nicki Minaj Angers Lil Kim Fans By Naming Foxy Brown As Her Influence
Source: BET

There are many names that come to mind when thinking of female MC's of the early 00's. From Missy Elliot to Eve and Lauryn Hill to Trina, ladies have been making noise in the male dominated genre for a very long time.

Nicki Minaj has paid homage to her inspirations before, but when she listed iconic rapper Foxy Brown as her major influence, Lil Kim fans stepped in to say otherwise.

In an Instagram post, Nicki Minaj wished Foxy Brown a happy birthday by saying: "I may have never even started rapping if it wasn't for her. KING FOX. Her flow & delivery is still unmatched. You can't listen to me w/o hearing her influence. She's still the only thing I compete w/when it comes to precision of flow, delivery & execution. Trini QUEEN Happy Birthday my love"


This is hard for Lil Kim fans to understand since Minaj came on to the scene with colorful hair, animated voices and faces, and wild fashion choices much like Lil Kim in the 90's.

The two rap queens have had an ongoing feud for years now and have even made diss records about each other. So when the fans of Lil Kims Beyhive caught wind of the post they took to Nicki's profile to call her out.

"Girl bye. You got your whole style from Notorious K.I.M. keep lying to yourself. It's entertaining," commented one. While another said: "Your silly a** Nicki Minaj fans need to stop playtime is over ... I used to like Nicki before I seen that she's a straight-up copy cat and a fake b**** took lil Kim's whole style."

As for as the competition portion of her birthday shoutout goes, many people think it was aimed at Remy Ma.

Remy, who continues to attack Nicki even though the dust has settled, can't compete with Minaj when it comes to making numbers when her singles are released.

Do you think the post was a jab to Kim, Remy, or both?


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