Nicki Minaj And Tiny Harris Praise Toya Wright After Seeing This Video

Nicki Minaj And Tiny Harris Praise Toya Wright After Seeing This Video
Credit: BET

Toya Wright accepted a challenge made by her fans and impressed a lot of people with what she can do. She's always been a sports enthusiast, and the Weight No More movement proves this.

Anyway, check out Toya's latest video in which she's doing the Double Dutch that has her fans in awe and Nicki Minaj and Tiny Harris praising her.

Tiny Harris commented: 'Oh, u killed that shit!!'

Nicki Minaj said: 'I want all the 💨' and fans were amazed that she commented on Toya's post because they said that she never does this.

Someone commented: '@nickiminaj oh sh*t, Nicki has spoken 😳 she doesn't comment on sh*t!'

A follower said: '@nickiminaj come on nah! Nicki I wanna see that all that "donk" double Dutch frfr😂😂💯😍' and one commenter posted this: 'sis we need this challenge lol love y’all black queens.'

One follower wrote: 'I miss Double Dutch.. last time I tried jumping as an adult. I could hardly walk the next day. Man I was a beast tho😁'

Someone else said: 'These young girls will never no nothing about the realness of this🙌😩😂'

Another follower posted: 'Now why did you have to do this to us. Lol 😂 we were enjoying our Saturday! You look great! I could never 🖤'

Not too long ago, it's been reported that Toya and her family might have eventually found peace.

It seems that the killer of her two brothers, Josh and Rudy has  finally been sentenced to life in jail  after three years since the horrific tragedy.

Toya marked this crucial event in her life with a post on social media.


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