Nicki Minaj And Remy Ma Feud Now Involves Rah Ali

Nicki Minaj And Remy Ma Feud Now Involves Rah Ali
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Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma's feud is making headlines again because of Rah Ali, also known as Rashida “Rah” Ali.

A brief rundown of this new scandal - fans of the reality series "Love & Hip Hop: New York" are aware that Rah Ali and Remy Ma were best of friends.

Ali is often described as a "ride or die chick" who has been particularly present after Ma was released from prison. However, it was clear that the relationship was deteriorating as Ma and Yandy Smith, (Ali's nemesis), grew closer.

But earlier this week, things took a very strange turn after Minaj took to Instagram and posted a photo where she is seen with Ali.

The Young Money rapper called Ali her "sister" and said she was happy to support her business ventures.

Her caption read: "nickiminajS/O to my good good sis @rah_ali for launching her brand new company @the_stiletto_group like a BOSS 👅~ @candiworld 👀💋🎀 bad btchs link up"

Of course, the photo went viral, and Ali was slammed for being a snake, a traitor, and many other words that can not be repeated on Celebrity Insider.

Ali was forced to shut down her social media accounts and issue a lengthy statement defining her relationship with Minaj.

Here is the full statement that was released before her Instagram account went private: “It’s important for people to know the deterioration of my friendship with Remy Ma took place during season 6 of love and Hip Hop. I want people to know that what they watched unfold was in no way staged or scripted and that I truly felt betrayed by Remy at that time.”

She added: “Nicki and I were friendly long before the rap beef unfolded with Remy. A lot of people were opinionated about Nicki liking and commenting on my photos on Instagram but she’d done that even prior to this situation. If you scroll back for months you’d see it. We were following each othr on Instagram for over a year.”

She concluded by: “I consider myself to be a great person who possesses a rare trait of loyalty. I don’t need to burn one person in order to participate in new relationships and/or opportunities. Fast forward to today, Nicki and I have a great relationship. She’s been more than supportive and that goes a long way with me.”

Fans are also slamming Ali on Twitter.

One wrote: "Rah Ali has always been a snake look at how she did Tahiry."

Another added: "Rah Ali telling Nicki all the dirt about remy ma."

On the statement, a person commented by saying: "Nicki befriends Rah AFTER Rah falls out with Remy Ma and Rah thinks Nicki is innocent? 😂😂😂 Is she dumb?"

Oh boy, the drama is real.

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