Nicki Minaj And Cardi B Finally Have Something In Common, And It Is A Diss Song

Nicki Minaj And Cardi B Finally Have Something In Common, And It Is A Diss Song
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JT of the City Girls is still in prison, and her release is approaching, but it looks like not everyone will be happy to see her finally get out of jail.

Recent reports also indicate that JT had recorded a diss track aimed at none other than Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, and it has now made its way to the public in a very dramatic leak that has taken the entertainment world by storm.

Many are baffled considering the rap duo teamed up with Cardi B for "Twerk" last year.

Others mentioned in the track include Kash Doll, and it looks like JT has managed to stir up a lot of controversy with this particular release.

There has been some speculation regarding the original recording date of the song, although it does not seem like the public is going to find that out anytime soon. In addition, the track is heavily censored, and a large part of it is inaudible.

As can be expected though, some of JT's fans have taken the opportunity to fill the gaps themselves, and have been trying to guess what specific words she may have used in her references to her fellow entertainers.

Even with the censoring in place though, it is clear that this was a pretty hot and controversial track in the context in which it was produced.

Yung Miami addressed the song and said it was a joke and is not to be taken seriously.

She said: "We were playing around, just freestyling on a beat. We never thought nobody was going to hear that s--t. We never thought we were going to be signed. We never thought none of that. We was just playing around. I'm so aggravated y'all. Y'all is just aggravating as f--k. Y'all wanna end the City Girls so bad, but that ain't gonna happen."

She went on to say: "Y'all love to joke around! Just remember those little comments that y'all be doing for clout, that s--t ain't worth bad karma to you, b---h. 'Cause that karma come! All of you want to be f--king funny in the comments, hoe? That shit come right back to you, b---h. Your baby father might get clapped up. Or your mama."

Many do not expect Nicki or Cardi to respond.

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