Nicki Minaj Addresses Instagram Hiding Users' Likes - See The Clips

Nicki Minaj Addresses Instagram Hiding Users' Likes - See The Clips
Credit: BET

Nicki Minaj talked about Instagram's latest plan on her social media account. The social media giant plans to hide users' likes in the US, and the rapper has something to say about this. Check out the clips below.

Someone commented: 'I Stan an intelligent queen who knows her BIZNESS.'

A follower said: 'Definitely knew this they not about to keep letting us make all this money without putting their hands in it.😒'

One commenter posted this: 'Waaaait what?! They literally said they're doing it to take away the “pressure” to protect the “well-being” & “health” of those who feel “likes” determine your acceptance by society...🤦🏽‍♀️ at the end of the day you can still see your likes just not the public...this proves IG point, thinking likes determine who you are or your success🙄'

Someone else agrees with Nicki: 'I think she’s right. They’re saying it’s Bc of the youth and mental health, but we know they do no gaf about ppl mental health. #stopit.'

A follower said: 'yall need to calm down, our likes have been hidden in Canada for the past month or more...... the earth is still rotating, it's not that serious! 😒'

One other commenter said: 'Truuuuuu...I wish Instagram would just give ppl the option though to turn their likes ON or OFF like they do the comments instead of this.'

Another person believes that Nicki is right: 'She’s accurate. They are masking this whole thing by saying it’s about making the platform less of a competition for young people/mental health issues, but I think it definitely has to do with people becoming too successful using the platform & they are aware of this and want to make it more difficult for people to monetize & start a business on the platform.'

In other news, you may know by now that Nicki got married to Kenneth Petty not too long ago.

According to the latest reports, a grand wedding ceremony is not out of the question, as the newly-weds are planning to throw a lavish official party shortly.

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