Nick Jonas Raves About 'Incredible' Priyanka Chopra Alongside Cute Pics Together! 

Nick Jonas Raves About 'Incredible' Priyanka Chopra Alongside Cute Pics Together! 
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Nick Jonas takes every opportunity he gets to gush over his beautiful wife. This time around, the singer honored her on the Hindu holiday Karva Chauth, which is usually celebrated by married Indian women.

The married couple is very in love and that is obvious by just looking at their sweet posts on social media!

The newest one comes from the Jonas Brothers star, who shared two pics with his followers, showing the celeb pair in Indian garments as to celebrate the holiday.

‘My wife is Indian. She's Hindu, and she's incredible in every way. She's taught me so much about her culture and her religion. I love and admire her so much, and as you can see we have fun together. Happy Karva Chauth to everyone!’ Nick wrote alongside the cute snaps.

Furthermore, the actress did the same, sharing the same photos on her own platform but with a much simpler and yet just as powerful caption: ‘My everything.’ Aww….

One pic shows the pair hugging as Priyanka sticks her tongue out.

As for the other one, Nick makes a ‘rock on’ sign.

The singer and the actress seem to be having the time of their lives while posing for the camera.

Priyanka looks stunning in her red sari with gold embroidery and plenty of accessories such as countless red bangles and gold jewelry.

The Karva Chauth is a one day festival that Hindu married women celebrate every year and includes rituals such as a one-day fast.

The wives are also supposed to pray for their husbands to be healthy and live long lives so it’s definitely fitting that Nick also cherishes her in return - via his post - like she does him as part of the holiday!


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