Nick Jonas Opens Up About Having Kids With Wife Priyanka Chopra

Nick Jonas Opens Up About Having Kids With Wife Priyanka Chopra
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It looks like Nick Jonas and his actress wife Priyanka Chopra are thinking about starting a family already even though they haven’t been married for long. The two are just very happy together!

As fans know, the singer and the Hollywood star tied the knot a bit over four months ago and while they are still getting used to married life, they are also looking forward to having babies!

The way they plan for the future is actually but picking projects they will be able to show their kids one day! So cute!

Speaking of such projects, Nick was at the junket for his upcoming animated film UglyDolls when he chatted with E! News about his private life with Priyanka.

‘I think in everything we do, my brothers and I, Priyanka and I, we think about the future. And building something that can become a part of a legacy in a way, and a story that we can share with our kids in the future,’ he shared with the news outlet.

He went on to say that ‘That's everything from music to projects we align ourselves with and, some of the projects that are more adult-themed we will hold those back 'til they get older obviously. But with something like [UglyDolls], it is just a joy to be able to do this for the kids in general.’

Furthermore, in May, the married pair is set to attend the Met Gala which has  a very special significance to them.

Two years ago at the same event, they sparked dating rumors for the first time ever!

Nick recalls that it ‘was one of our first dates...but it was not even really a date, I don't know how to describe it. That's kind of an important thing for us.

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