Nick Jonas Is Joining The Voice For Season 18 But Blake Shelton Has 'Concerns'

Nick Jonas Is Joining The Voice For Season 18 But Blake Shelton Has 'Concerns'
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Nick Jonas is in and Gwen Stefani is out on The Voice . Jonas broke the news that he would be joining the NBC singing competition on Monday when he visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show , and Stefani revealed that she wouldn’t be back for next season because she will be busy with the final shows of her Las Vegas residency. Reacting to the news of the cast change, OG coach Blake Shelton revealed that he had “some concerns” about Jonas replacing his girlfriend.

Jonas - a native of Dallas, Texas - will join Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend for Season 18, which will air in the spring of 2020. DeGeneres tried to get the 27-year-old to make the announcement himself, but he told her he had big plans to break the news the next day. DeGeneres wasn’t having it, so she played a clip of Shelton talking about how he heard that Jonas would be the new coach, and that’s how fans found out.

“Nick Jonas! How you doing, buddy? I heard that you're going to be a new coach on The Voice and I wanted to, first of all, say congratulations, I guess,” said Shelton. “But second of all voice some concerns that I have. I'm going to have to look through the rules because this is my TV show... I'm not even sure if you're old enough to be a coach on The Voice , but I'm certain that you're going to get your butt kicked buddy. Welcome.”

In her video clip, Clarkson said she liked the idea of having a fellow Texan on the coaching panel, and she pitched the idea of the two of them forming an alliance. Legend agreed in his video, saying that they should all team up and the mission for Season 18 would be to “destroy Blake Shelton” because the only thing that matters is beating him.

After the video clips, Jonas - who was appearing on the Ellen show with his brothers Kevin and Joe - said that the audience members were the first to hear the news, and he was thankful they were part of the special moment. He added that he is excited about being part of the popular series. Nick also made it clear to Shelton that he was “going to kick your a**.”

Nick said an alliance with Clarkson makes sense, but he still needs to talk to Legend so they can figure some things out.

Nick - who is married to Pryanka Chopra - isn’t the first member of his singing family to be a part of The Voice family. Joe was a coach on the 7th season of The Voice Australia in 2018.

As for Stefani, she will be wrapping up her Las Vegas residency with the final performances of her Just A Girl show in February and May 2020.

New episodes of The Voice air Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.


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