Nick Cordero's Wife Reveals Her Man Is Officially COVID-19 Free

Nick Cordero's Wife Reveals Her Man Is Officially COVID-19 Free
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It's very possible that Nick Cordero is finally coming out of his COVID-19 nightmare. Page Six picked up on an Instagram post from his wife, Amanda Kloots, in which she said her 41-year-old husband tested negative for the coronavirus not once but twice.

In other words, it looks like COVID-19 has finally been removed from his system. The former Radio City Rockette said on her IG Story today that she had good news. Imitating her baby, she said, "dada had two negative COVID-19 tests today!"

Amanda explained that she and the doctors believe the virus is finally gone and now they're dealing with the recovery process. Kloots thanked God for her husband's health. As it was previously reported, Nick has been unconscious and on a ventilator at LA's Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for almost one month.

This week, however, Amanda said he was slowly getting better, despite the fact the Broadway actor had to have his leg removed. On Thursday, Kloots explained what one of her doctors said to her. Amanda claimed his MRI scan showed nothing impactful, and there was no reason why he wouldn't be able to wake up.

Kloots admitted it was all very worrying because he was off sedatives for 12 days and still hadn't gotten up. While it's widely known that coronavirus could cause death, amputation stories in the media have been relatively rare.

Shockingly, San Francisco Gate reported last week that the actor's right leg had to be removed. Bridget Hill picked up on the Gate's report on the 19th of April, in which it was revealed the actor had the surgery on account of COVID-19 complications.

This past Saturday, on IG, Amanda said that her man made it out of surgery but he lost his leg. Nick was on blood thinners to help remove blood clots, but it was causing other problems in his body, including internal bleeding.

They had to take Nick off the blood thinners and then remove his leg, otherwise, a blood clot could've traveled to his heart and killed him.

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