Nick Cordero's Wife Reveals Her Husband Was Taken Off Ventilator Following COVID-19 Struggle

Nick Cordero's Wife Reveals Her Husband Was Taken Off Ventilator Following COVID-19 Struggle
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Nick Cordero was recently taken off of a ventilator, his wife, Amanda Kloots revealed. According to Page Six, who was the first to pick up on her Instagram Stories, Nick was taken off the ventilator and he's on the "trach," as Amanda put it.

According to Kloots, her 41-year-old husband had to undergo a tracheostomy for the sake of moving away from the ventilator. Page Six reported that the process involves the creation of a hole in an individual's throat to make room for an oxygen tube.

Kloots said on her IG stories that doctors were waiting for Nick's condition to get better before they did the procedure, and over the last few weeks, they decided he was finally strong enough to go through with it.

The fitness trainer said before her followers that Nick's doctors had been trying to do it for a long time now, but they kept having to push it back on account of his condition. As it was previously reported, Nick has been in intensive care since the beginning of April.

There's no question the Broadway star has struggled to beat COVID-19, which led to serious complications, including the necessitation of an amputation. On the 24th of April, doctors discovered that the virus was finally out of his system, but they had more work to do.

Earlier this week, on Friday, Amanda said on her IG that Nick was finally going to go through with the operation and she was thrilled about it. The 39-year-old fitness trainer has been documenting Nick's recovery ever since the symptoms began worsening. They have a 10-month-old son named Elvis.

On the 30th of April, Bridget Hill reported on Amanda's IG Story in which she said Nick was suffering from a low red-blood-cell count. This wasn't that long after his amputation. Doctors decided it was best to remove his leg due to complications from blood-thinning medication that was needed to prevent clotting, which may have traveled into his heart and killed him.

Fortunately, this all seems to be behind him, and Nick may be on the road to a full recovery in the ensuing weeks.

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