Nick Cordero's Wife Reveals He Has Holes In His Lungs Following COVID-19 Battle

Nick Cordero's Wife Reveals He Has Holes In His Lungs Following COVID-19 Battle
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Despite the fact the coronavirus pandemic is most dangerous to those with preexisting conditions and the elderly, there are rare occurrences where even the vulnerable and healthy succumb to the dangers of the virus, similar to influenza.

Nick Cordero's wife has been updating fans on social media repeatedly over the last few weeks, and there's no question it has been a challenge. Amanda Kloots revealed previously that Nick had to have his leg amputated as a consequence of the virus, more specifically, blood-thinning medication.

According to Page Six, who picked up on her most recent Instagram Story, her husband suffered through a very hard day yesterday when it was revealed he had a low blood count. Fortunately, however, his CT scans came back and he's free of internal bleeding.

The bad news, Amanda Kloots explained, is that the COVID-19 virus damaged Nick's lungs severely. According to his doctors, the virus caused damage to his lungs that made it seem like he's been a heavy smoker for fifty years.

She added that there are holes in his lungs where one doesn't want them. The fitness trainer claims doctors discovered his medical condition when his oxygen count went down and they had to clean out his respiratory system.

Now, medical professionals plan to scan his lungs and also take cultures to find out what kind of medication he needs to be on to help him fight through the consequences of the condition.

While all of the news seems quite daunting, Amanda remains positive. She said in her Instagram Story that had Nick been in his 70s, his situation would be much different now. Thankfully, he's 41-years-old and still has the strength and immune system to fight through it.

As most know, Nick isn't the only actor to suffer from the coronavirus. Near the beginning of the pandemic, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, were the first celebrities to reveal they were quarantined in an Australian hospital after they tested positive for the disease. They were later released to their native Australia.

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