Nick Cordero's Wife Amanda Says That Things Aren't Going Well Right Now Amid His COVID-19 Battle

Nick Cordero's Wife Amanda Says That Things Aren't Going Well Right Now Amid His COVID-19 Battle
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If you've been following Amanda Kloots' Instagram page at all, you'd know that Nick Cordero has really been struggling in his fight against COVID-19. Mr. Cordero, the Broadway star, has been in the hospital for months after he was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, the actor was hit especially hard by the virus, even leading to the necessitation of an amputation. In other words, Nick's leg was removed.

As it was previously reported, Amanda said on her IG that doctors recommended removing his leg due to complications from blood clotting medication. With all that said, over the last few weeks, Amanda has remained optimistic and it looked like Nick was going to make it through it.

On Wednesday, Kloots was on Instagram again to ask her fans and followers for "mega-prayers" during this difficult time. The star said the actor's recovery has gone down a bad path. In a video from her car, Kloots remarked, "Nick has had a bad morning."

She said the situation was worsening at the moment, and she took it upon herself to ask fans for their support. "That's not how this story ends," Amanda said in the clip before she said that the virus wouldn't end his life.

On Tuesday, Kloots' IG update was a lot more positive, stating that his right lung was slowly getting better. She said that for the last two days, it was looking a lot more clear. This past week, Kloots revealed Cordero had been woken from his medically induced coma.

Regarding last week's report that Nick was getting better, Kloots said on her IG account that while she was celebrating small wins here and there, he wasn't "out of the woods yet."

As it was previously reported, Nick was admitted to a hospital in Los Angeles, California, at the ending of March for what was initially considered as pneumonia. The first COVID-19 test came up negative, but the next one came back positive.

The past seven weeks have seen the aforementioned amputation and also the use of a temporary pacemaker.

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