Nick Cordero's Wife Amanda Kloots Says That Nick Is Still 'Sick' But Is Doing 'Better'

Nick Cordero's Wife Amanda Kloots Says That Nick Is Still 'Sick' But Is Doing 'Better'
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If you've been following Amanda Kloots on Instagram, you'd know that Nick Cordero, her husband, has been struggling a lot. The Broadway actor was hospitalized near the beginning of the year due to pneumonia, and after testing him a number of times, they finally discovered that he had the coronavirus.

His journey has been difficult, including even the amputation of one of his limbs . Kloots has been more than candid regarding her husband's hospitalization ever since his battle with the virus first began.

The star has taken to her Instagram on a number of occasions over the last few months to let everyone know how her man has been doing. There have been ups and downs, Amanda explained, but Nick finally appears to be getting better.

According to Nick's wife, he's still sick but he's "doing slightly better." Amanda says the doctors had to turn him onto the prone position, which helps to open his airways. Kloots says this helps him breathe and improve.

In case you missed it, Amanda took to her IG Stories earlier this week to say that doctors had to fight off yet another infection in the actor's lungs. He tested negative for COVID-19, however.

According to Kloots, a lot of the problems he has now are a consequence of staying in the intensive care unit for as long as he has. For instance, infections are one of these issues. While the virus is finally gone, the actor is dealing with the aftermath.

This past week, Amanda said her man wasn't doing so well. In her own words, she exclaimed that he was "going a little downhill" at the time of her post . At the end of March, Cordero had to be rushed off to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA.

It was believed that he had pneumonia, but as it turns out, he had the coronavirus and had to be placed on the ventilator. As it was noted above, Cordero had to have his right leg taken right off after suffering from a septic infection, two small strokes, and also his condition necessitated a temporary pacemaker.

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