Nick Cordero Suffers Another Infection Amid COVID-19 Battle But Amanda Says He's Doing Ok

Nick Cordero Suffers Another Infection Amid COVID-19 Battle But Amanda Says He's Doing Ok
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If you've been following the news surrounding Nick Cordero at all, you'd know that the Broadway star has been struggling to recover following his brutal battle with the coronavirus which led to the amputation of one of his limbs.

Amanda Kloots, his wife, has been taking to her IG Stories on a regular basis to share Nick's condition and how things have been going. On Saturday, for instance, Amanda shared that Nick had a really "tough week."

In recent news, Kloots revealed that Nick wasn't doing well. She described his condition as going "downhill." Previously, she claimed he was dealing with yet another new lung infection, but he appeared to be getting better as the days went by.

Amanda went on to say that Nick, despite his troubles, is getting closer and closer to where he was before the new infection came into existence. As it was previously reported, Nick tested positive for the coronavirus after coming down with pneumonia.

He tested positive for the virus, but now, it appears to finally be out of his system. As was noted above, Nick had his right leg taken off due to blood clotting complications. He also had to get a tracheostomy, a process meant for getting him off a ventilator.

At the beginning of the month, Cordero was finally let out of his coma. On Saturday, Kloots explained that she and the family are just hoping that the medications will help him out and the settings on some of the machines he's relying on will finally decrease.

In other words, she hopes that he'll increasingly become self-reliant and not have to use a ventilator. There's no doubt the coronavirus episode has been hard for Nick and Amanda. She urged her fans and followers to never take a "day for granted."

On Saturday, Amanda shared the photo of the letter she was writing to their 1-year-old child, Elvis. She explained that it was "Day 53" for Nick in the intensive care unit.

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