Nick Carter Reportedly Files Restraining Order Against His Brother Aaron Carter

Nick Carter Reportedly Files Restraining Order Against His Brother Aaron Carter
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According to a report from Refinery29, Aaron Carter and Nick Carter are brothers in name only. Their Twitter feud has gown awry, claims a report from the aforementioned outlet.

Recently, Carter posted a statement on Twitter stating that he and his sister, Angel, had chosen to get a restraining order against their brother on account of his alleged erratic behavior.

For example, Nick claims Aaron has threatened to kill his pregnant wife, Lauren Kitt. The statement read that he and his family have no choice but to file a restraining order for their own protection.

Furthermore, Nick added several hashtags referring to gun-control, including #guncontrol, #guncontrolnow, and #mentalhealth. Before this statement came out, Aaron discussed the restraining order, claiming that he and his brother were "done for life," and they hadn't spoken to each other in four years.

This past week, Carter claims he was diagnosed with several very serious mental illnesses, including manic depression, acute anxiety, schizophrenia, and multiple personality disorder. This comes after Aaron and his girlfriend, Lina Valentina broke up as well.

To make matters worse, Aaron was recently videotaped interacting with a fan and discussing the prices she had to pay to take a picture with him. In the video, Aaron appeared petty, and when the fan asked him if he needed the money, Carter claimed he was wearing a very expensive watch.

Later, the singer's representative came out and stated that Aaron wasn't supposed to discuss prices with fans, as it was his job to simply perform and negotiate. Yesterday, Aaron posted a picture of himself sporting an NSYNC t-shirt in spite of his brother Nick, who was a member of the Backstreet Boys.

In the caption of the photo, Aaron referenced their song, "Bye Bye Bye," and referred to fans of the group as "rude" and "foul." Despite Carter's fall from grace in the last decade, he has still managed to accrue a significant cult following.

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